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5 Activities, 1 City – Musts in Amsterdam

May 24, 2023

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip to Amsterdam? With so much to do and see, even we can admit that it can be a little overwhelming! From our home in the heart of the Museum Quarter, we’re veritable experts in what to do to make the most of your time in this wonderful city. Perfectly balanced between the inviting, small town-esque atmosphere and architecture to all of the buzz and excitement of a city, Amsterdam truly represents the best of both worlds.

Discover some of the key activities the Conservatorium hotel team recommends, succinctly featured to keep your itinerary free for everything else in store as you explore this picturesque Dutch city!

Cycle Your Way Through
It goes without saying that the best way to experience Amsterdam as a local is by getting a bike and cycling everywhere you go. After all, there are more bikes than there are people in this bustling city! With Amsterdam’s flat terrain, tiny narrow streets, and accessible bike lanes cycling is the best way to get around. At the Conservatorium, our bikes are available for day rental which are ready to explore the city with you.

Enjoy a Classic Canal Cruise
If riding a bike is not your thing, discover the enchanting canals of Amsterdam by cruising through in a typical canal cruise. They say that you can’t leave Amsterdam without having experienced a Dutch canal cruise, so you definitely want to make sure this is on your bucket list! As you glide through the canal waters, you’ll get the opportunity to see a range of beautiful canal houses that make the Netherlands truly unique. With our highly knowledgeable Guest Relations team, rest assured that the canal cruise experience of your dreams will be arranged.

Take a Trip to the Museum Square
Visiting Amsterdam without appreciating its art is a serious no-go. As the Conservatorium being the icon of the Museum Quarter, it is only right that some of the top museums in the Netherlands are on your list of things to see. Take a leisurely stroll around the open area of the Museum Square and take a moment to admire the real beauty Amsterdam has to offer. The area is teeming all day with activity, varying from markets, to open-air exhibits, and even a vast outdoor staking rink in the winter. Book our Museum Package and enjoy two tickets for the Moco Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum or Stedelijk Museum and make a day of it!

Eat and Drink Like a Local at a Brown Café
Ever wondered what are the typical Dutch snacks loved by a true local? At almost every corner in Amsterdam you will find a brown café – think of it like a Parisian café with a Dutch twist – where you can enjoy some bitterballen and an ice-cold beer. Don’t expect anything too fancy when visiting a brown café as this is where locals enjoy lounging on a Friday evening for a quick bite and lots of drinks!

A Picnic at the Vondelpark
Whether it is sunny or snowy out, Vondelpark is by far one of the most picturesque parks in Amsterdam. Surrounded by lots of trees, ponds, and large grass areas, Vondelpark is the perfect place to have your own picnic when the weather is pleasant. Depending on the season, you can either go for a nice walk, cycle around, or sometimes even ice-skate on the frozen ponds! Situated at walking distance from the Conservatorium hotel, it is highly worth to pay it a visit.

Book now and experience all these must-sees with the Conservatorium hotel.

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