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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We're In This Together
At the Conservatorium hotel, we recognise a very important facet of our presence in our destinations - we have a deep duty to our world and our community that extends further than our suites. With travel and tourism contributing 11% of the world's carbon emissions, we have a responsibility to do as much as we can to be stewards of the environment, and to maintain the world we live in. Because of this, we seek to continuously improve our contributions to combat climate change, give back to our local communities, and be a part of a better tomorrow - for everyone.

Green Globe Certified Platinum

The Conservatorium hotel is delighted to be Green Globe certified, with 10 years of consecutive success at passing the criteria. Green Globe is a worldwide organisation that audits its members according to internationally accepted sustainability criteria. This criteria is truly extensive, and as such, we are thrilled to have been certified Platinum for our decade of dedication.

Chosen Wisely

Partnering with CHOOOSE

We are an official partner of CHOOOSE, a global carbon measuring and offsetting platform. Every time you book a stay via our website, your stay automatically has its carbon emissions entirely offset – with no added charge to you. This allows us to then contribute to a selection of global initiatives that directly aid local communities whilst help increase renewable energy resources globally.

Our Projects

By offsetting carbon emissions through CHOOOSE, we are able to directly contribute to their network of global initiatives, including wind farms in Thailand and biomass generators in China.

Benefitting You

The best part of our carbon offsetting initiative? It comes at no extra cost to our guests. We automatically offset the emissions from each stay when booked directly through our website – so when you check-in, you know that you’ve already done your part.

Our Commitments

Throughout the Conservatorium hotel, we dedicate ourselves to a wider commitment to a variety of core functions, with a focus on ensuring we hold ourselves accountable on a global scale. As an evolving activity within our hotel, we are consistently adapting and eagerly developing new actions to meet a variety of targets. One such action is our Sustainability Management Plan, which outlines 6 different key commitments.

Energy Efficiency

We undertake stringent actions to ensure our energy efficient reduces our emissions by reducing our energy consumption. These actions include;
  • Guest room management systems and smart sensors in rooms and suites
  • Building Management System for all Public Areas, which provide monitoring and control of efficient energy use
  • A midnight light reduction policy in public areas

Water Conservation

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources. In order to preserve this resource and reduce our water usage, our actions include;
  • Reusing swimming pool water for our sprinkler system
  • Linen and towel reuse in each room and suite
  • Time scheduled irrigation system for planting

Waste Management

Alongside traditional recycling methods, our waste management is a key element of our management plan. To tackle our waste management, we;
  • Utilise ‘take-back’ packaging policies with our suppliers
  • Provide digital newspapers, magazines, in room dining menus and guest room information to all guests, paper newspapers only upon request
  • Use non-disposable table linen and hand towels throughout the hotel

Sustainable Sourcing

From our suppliers to our international duties, our supply chains and sourcing are globally compliant and ethical. To facilitate this, we also;
  • Use fair-trade coffee, eco label chemicals and PEFC/FSC labelled paper and paper products
  • Use organic ingredients, free from anti-biotics, and locally sourced where possible
  • Eliminate the procurement of any endangered species and consider animal welfare in purchasing decisions and operations

Our Community

The Conservatorium hotel aims to create relationships which are beneficial to our business and the communities in which we operate. We recognize that there are important social needs in many of these communities.
  • We actively support initiatives for social and infrastructure community development including children and education by financially supporting local non-profit organisations.
  • We support conservation and management of state-owned or private natural areas directly located around the hotel

People & Impact

We have ethical business practices at the core of our culture, which is evident in the way we treat our customers, team members, suppliers, and business partners. We believe in providing meaningful employment, developing talent, and increasing young people’s employability.

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