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Discover MASTERPIECE at the Moco Museum

Local Events
May 30 - June 25, 2024
Discover a brand new collaboration at the Moco Museum. In a fusion of sports heritage and cutting-edge blockchain technology, FC Barcelona ventures into the art world at Moco Museum. Their NFT series “Masterpiece” honors the club’s legacy by immortalizing iconic players and moments, aiming to inspire future generations. Moco and FC Barcelona share a commitment to pioneering innovative ideas and pushing boundaries. Together, they unveil the first two NFTs in a collection of ten: “In a Way, Immortal” and “Empowerment” – digital artworks inspired by the legends Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas. This temporarily exhibition aims to point out the importance of feeling empowered to dream big in whichever field or life path you choose. Discover More.

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