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Cutting-Edge Wellness: Introducing Therabody

March 18, 2024

In 2009, when Dr Jason Wersland suffered a debilitating motorcycle accident, a makeshift device was created to rapidly massage away his muscle pain. By 2016, this concept manifested into one of the wellness world’s most beloved successes hitting the market – the Theragun. Signalling a shift in the zeitgeist of wellness technology, Therabody’s Theragun became the go-to for top athletes going through recovery after intense training to physiotherapists seeking to treat their clients’ chronic pain. And now, we are beyond thrilled that in a world-first collaboration, Therabody’s veritable symphony of signature devices become a go-to for hotel guests of Conservatorium hotel.

From March 2024, Therabody’s exceptional, innovative products will be available within Conservatorium hotel, bridging the world of hospitality and wellness together even more than before. By providing our guests with even more ways to rejuvenate their bodies and minds after a long journey, a busy day of meetings, or even just enhancing their existing fitness and beauty routines, this is a collaboration that paves the way for a truly modern approach to wellness.
When booking a stay with the Conservatorium, Therabody devices are revolutionising treatments for guests. This trio of experiences have been designed to commit to a “High Touch, High Tech” experience, transforming the way each guests thinks and feels after each experience. The Relaxation Experience sees guests benefitting from SmartGoggles, an innovative eye mask powered by SmartSense Technology. As the heart rate lowers, you are lulled into a state of serenity, amplified further by the revolutionary RecoveryAir JetBoots, which supply you with a pressure-based massage to enhance circulation and further your relaxation.

With the Rejuvenation Experience, designed explicitly for guests arriving after long-haul flights or struggling to combat jetlag, the RecoveryAir JetBoots’ pneumatic compression is synergised with the soothing effects of the RecoveryTherm, as it targets your lower back pressure and soreness after being cooped up in-flight. And for those with a penchant for pushing their fitness limits, the Recovery Experience provides the ultimate relief from muscle soreness. Utilising the iconic Theragun Pro, tension is released and muscle recovery is promoted with every massaging pulse, and the experience is enhanced further by the RecoveryAir JetBoots and RecoveryTherm to target other pain points.
But that’s simply not the end of this innovative expansion. In the Akasha Spa, 3 exemplary treatments have also been developed for guests seeking a new way to invigorate their wellness routines. A full body massage has been developed that integrates traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage techniques with hands-on lymphatic drainage and dual Theragun use for acupressure, stress relief, and jet lag recovery.
For those seeking more targeted areas, a true sensory experience that employs the Theragun Mini, SmartGoggles, and RecoveryTherm Hot Wrap in a unique Foot, Hand and Scalp Massage induces a deep state of relaxation. And for those seeking the best of both worlds, the Enhanced Facial with TheraFace Pro awaits, as our specialists perform a bespoke facial using premium product lines and the gamut of Therabody’s device suite, including the RecoveryTherm Hot Wrap and TheraFace Pro, as well as the Theragun Mini to target the hands and arms. But each treatment also extends further that the treatment room! Guests to the spa can also avail of dedicated relaxation areas within the spa, and can make use of the SmartGoggles to enhance their wellness experience after their treatments.
With so much to discover in this unique partnership, we don’t blame you for being enticed entirely to begin your own Therabody journey with us. To book your Therabody Suite or book a signature treatment, click the links below – and embark on a new path with us.

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