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Art at the Conservatorium Hotel

Cultural Heart of the City

Located on Museumplein – Amsterdam’s historic cultural hub – the Conservatorium is surrounded by legendary artworks and fine examples of the applied arts in a set of world-famous art institutions.

Glass Library Exhibitions

The Glass Library at the Conservatorium hotel is the perfect setting for changing exhibitions. Currently we are presenting contemporary art from multi-disciplinary artist Inbar Hasson. Inbar Hasson's work seeks a tension between appealing visual storytelling and a sense of discomfort and disorientation. Her art demands an active gaze from the viewer, rewarded with an emotional impact. B_side is an exclusive collection of hand-decorated porcelain plates that was inspired by the beauty of statistical pie charts on global inequalities and the contrast between their graphic aesthetics and the troubling facts they represent on global discrepancy. The plates use uncertainty, humiliation, and a dash of black humour to provoke empathy. The information served on the plates is compiled from global reports on economic discrepancies, human rights violations, and more, confronting diners with their personal roles in the global story. All profits from b_side are donated to charities addressing health inequality, including Save a Child's Heart.

Artist in Residence Suites

In the spirit of enabling discovery, the Conservatorium builds long-term collaborations with local artists for its Residence Suites. The atmosphere of these suites is that of an Amsterdam apartment, with a view overlooking the Jan Luijkenstraat, a residential and impressive street in Amsterdam. This is precisely why the hotel works with local artists to celebrate the destination and heritage. Discover our Artist in Residence Suites and enjoy a stay like no other in Amsterdam while listing to the artist's playlist.
Jasper Krabbé
Jasper Krabbé, a Dutch contemporary painter based in Amsterdam, comes from a long line of talented painters and exhibits his artwork globally. The Conservatorium hotel is proud to showcase Krabbé's pieces throughout the property, including the mesmerizing 'Cloud Wall' situated in the hotel's lounge area and several pieces in a luxurious Residence Two Bedroom Suite.
Krabbé's artwork often reflects memories of places, events, and people, although not necessarily in clear and defined images. Instead, they appear like memories typically do: disrupted by other photos, disturbances, incomplete, without logic, and never unambiguous. Krabbé's painting process is not linear towards a particular end but rather a sublimation of recollected images in an intuitive process. In his works on paper, he often employs materials he discovers along his journey, such as envelopes, wrapping paper, book pages, and encyclopaedias. Through this approach, he blends the original function and meaning of the material with his images, resulting in truly unique and compelling works of art.
Bastiaan Woudt
World-renowned art photographer Bastiaan Woudt is another Artist in Residence, inviting guests to discover his unmistakable black-and-white photography. To showcase his impressive works of art, his photography takes centre stage and captures the hearts and minds of hotel guests. Woudt's photography is defined by charcoal tones and elegant compositions, transporting the viewer into a modern painting. It's a unique blend of monochrome minimalist and surrealism that showcases the beauty of imperfection. Inspired by photography from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Woudt combines this timeless style with modern in-camera methods and post-production techniques, resulting in a contemporary and moving art form. In the hotel lounge, Woudt's photography becomes an integral part of the space's ambiance, enhancing the overall aesthetic with its charcoal tones and characteristic compositions.


In the realm of artistic expression, music stands as a profound testament to the beauty of human creativity. Like a painter's brushstrokes or a sculptor's chisel, music weaves a tapestry of emotions, evoking feelings that words alone cannot convey. It is an ethereal form of art that transcends boundaries and speaks to the very essence of our being. Experience the harmonious fusion of art and hospitality at Conservatorium hotel, where the stage is set for the brilliant talents of the Conservatorium music school Amsterdam. Elevate your weekends to new heights as the Lounge and Brasserie come alive with captivating live music performances every Saturday and Sunday.

Expression of Art Award

The Conservatorium hotel has established a strong collaboration with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam; Amsterdam’s University of the Arts, since the day of its opening in 2011. The Expression of Award emphasises the heritage and history of the building, which has been the house of the former Sweelinck Conservatory of Music from 1985 to 2008. As well as giving the students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam a podium to perform every weekend in the Lounge of the hotel, the award will give four bands the opportunity to perform within the hotel and compete for the scholarship of €5000,- offered by The Set Collection.

The last award was handed out in 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new round of the Expression of Art Award will be announced soon.