Art at the Conservatorium

The three founding hotels of The Set are located in the cultural heart of their vibrant cities. They have for decades attracted people who drive change and creativity and are places where established and emerging ideas come together to shape the future.

Cultural Heart of the City

Matching the spirit and pace of contemporary life, The Set hotels are explicitly designed to enable new discoveries and to capture the hearts and minds of its guests.

Located on Museumplein – Amsterdam’s historic cultural hub – the Conservatorium is surrounded by legendary artworks and fine examples of the applied arts in a set of world-famous art institutions.

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Artist in Residence Suites

In the spirit of enabling discovery, the Conservatorium plays host to the Art Months in the hotel and also builds long-term collaborations with local artists for its Residence Suites. The atmosphere of these suites is that of an Amsterdam apartment, with a balcony overlooking the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s world renowned contemporary art museum. This is exactly why the hotel chooses to work with local artists, to celebrate the destination and heritage.

The Residence Suites have been transformed into the Artist in Residence Suites and decorated by the artist themselves. Discover our Artist in Residence suites for yourself and enjoy a stay in Amsterdam like no other.

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"Rhythm" Exhibition in the Lounge

The Conservatorium exhibits the unique creation “Rhythm” of the Dutch designer Eva Crebolder, a Dutch artist, based in Amsterdam.

She creates new rhythmic order by sculpting tactile abstractions in ceramics. These shapes are derived from everyday use, like stacked pillows, folded blankets and lined up square jars. These ceramic elements are arranged in a ridged /tight way to create tension within the composition. Her works breathe through minute colour differences and subtlety in the texture. Eva pursues a subdued feeling within a warm elegance.



Scholten & Baijings in the Lounge

Designer duo Scholten & Baijings has been invited to create new work in collaboration with the artisans of the Manufacture de Sèvres, one of the principal European porcelain manufactories creating objects since 1740.

For their project, Scholten & Baijings reinterpreted the various forms of vases from the Manufacture’s repertoire, and became fascinated by the palettes of enamels on offer.

The two series of porcelain vases present new astonishing colours, with superposed and juxtaposed enamels producing a jubilatory effect.
The result of this fruitful collaboration is a perfect symbiosis of shape and colour.

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Art Suite by Rembrandt

Highlighting the 350th anniversary of the painter’s death, “The Art Suite by Rembrandt” package was launched in conjunction with the much-anticipated “Year of Rembrandt” celebration at the Rijksmuseum. Through this package, hotel guests will enjoy unparalleled access to the variety of exhibitions and special events held at the museum, as well as the option to book an exclusive after-hours private tour of the museum’s Hall of Fame.  

To maximize the guest experience, Conservatorium enlisted the help of Dutch designer Irma Boom and Dutch artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck, who re-decorated the suite by incorporating elements of Rembrandt’s masterpiece “The Night Watch” into their own designs.


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