Green Globe Certified

The Conservatorium hotel is delighted to be Green Globe certified, currently holding Platinum status. Green Globe is a worldwide organisation that audits its members according to internationally accepted sustainability criteria. The Conservatorium hotel has been independently audited and awarded certification to the Green Globe International Standard for Sustainable Travel & Tourism for multiple years now, and is the first hotel in The Netherlands achieving this milestone.

Important sustainable practices were integrated into the redevelopment of the building from the start. The hotel uses a thermal energy storage system and reuses water from its swimming pool in the sprinkler system. We also aim to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible and give preferences to reusable sustainable items, avoiding use of plastic containers for example. Also, our cleaning products are eco certified, which minimalises use of toxic substances. Executive chef Schilo Van Coevorden and the hotel’s Food and Beverage department aim to promote local organic ingredients and limit the use of ingredients from endangered species of food.

Guests also play a role. They have access to the Conservatorium’s unique Human library – a bank of local knowledge that each member of staff is trained to share, thereby preserving and promoting local practice and culture.

The hotel is part of the Destination Charging Network and now has two electrical chargers for cars in our courtyard. One for Tesla cars, one for other electrical cars.

The task to get the Conservatorium hotel Green Globe certified was managed by Green Label Service, specialists in sustainable business for the hotel industry.

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