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Akasha's personal trainer facilities are among the best in Amsterdam, combining the knowledge of industry professionals and fully dedicated personal trainers. Tailored fitness programmes combine a variety of disciplines with each overseen by experienced instructors. Our personal trainers offer cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, BodyShape, Total workout and Strength & Mobility classes.


Davey Stelling

Numbers don’t lie and he is determined to turn the numbers in your favour.

Davey is a highly motivated trainer whose science based methods will take you towards your goals. 

He guards the delicate balance between energy intake, training and rest. Above all he tends to keep the process dynamic so you won’t get bored or too comfortable in a same routine.

Michael Heuberger

Michael will make sure that Akasha will be ‘your’ gym instead of ‘a’ gym. Creating a tailor-made experience combined with his care for great customer service allows you get comfortable with a gym routine and avoid a sense of ‘gymtimidation’. Easy-going but with exceptional focus he will make sure your Akasha workout will be a memorable experience.



Tomash Marko

The contagious energy of Tomash will push you to the next level.

His Kickboxing expertise make him the ultimate embodiment of Akasha’s ‘fire’ element.

There are no shortcuts, only hard work. Tomash is committed to guide you through the process of getting fir and sticking to a schedule and routine.

Miko Lodewijks

Miko has been active in the fitness industry for years. He tries to support people in not keeping the same perspective but to broaden the perspective on your road to a healthier body. His background is a combination of boxing, yoga and core body balance and strengthening.


Flores Waalewijn

With athletics "the mother of all sports" as a starting point, Flores is passionate about personal training and physiotherapy. Defining and working on your personal challenges is what he likes most.

Specialties: physiotherapy, strength and recovery training, and kickboxing.

"I am a personal trainer, not to train you for Olympic gold but to improve the quality of your life".


Akasha offers a wide range of wellbeing specialists, who are available for private or group classes. Experience meditation, morning flow yoga, evening flow yoga, yin yoga, yin yang yoga, strong flow yoga, Vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, Pilates, perfect Pilates, dynamic Pilates, core barre and soft barre.


Johanna Sun-wha Lundqvist

Find your breath and settle into your body as you are guided through movements and breathing techniques that encourage you to let go of worries and come into the moment. Welcome to the Akasha yoga experience by Johanna Sun-wha Lundqvist, where each class offered will introduce yogic concepts and techniques which will enable you to bring your mind into a calmer state and your body into balance.

Karsten Hannig

Karsten is a Certified Romana’s Pilates Teacher. “Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” In these small group classes Karsten is making use of the original Pilates method as intended by Joseph H. Pilates with encouraging individual guidance. He uses highly effective traditional teaching methods to ensure deeper understanding of Pilates to improve strength, flexibility, stamina, control and coordination.


Paola Brignoli

Paola discovered yoga in the tough world of finance in Italy. Yoga served as a guideline for grounding and deepen the connection with herself. “I enjoy teaching classes where I combine the beauty of flow with a special attention to alignment, as well as softer classes to offer yogis a space to unwind. I encourage to sense the magic and beauty of the practice to fully exist in the present moment, experiencing their inner stillness”.

Marit Mastad

Besides being a trainer/ Pilates teacher, Marit is a physical therapist, with a keen eye for the movement demands of each individual student. Her goal is to challenge you while minimizing the risk of injury with a creative teaching style that blends influences from classical Pilates with other movement disciplines. Marit’s life goal is to help her clients discover the freedom and joy of movement in a way that is challenging and fun, yet sustainable. 


Tatiana Capozzoli

Tatiana Capozzoli will guide you through a Pilates or Yoga journey via her mindful, holistic, yet challenging offering. You will develop strength, flexibility and body & mind awareness. Subtle self-discovery, through breathing techniques and physical development through core strengthening- & alignment  techniques. Leaves you feeling reenergized & more self-aware from the inside out.



Sharon Asscher

As an nutritionist, orthomolecular therapist, hormone consultant and intestinal therapist, Sharon Asscher helps people with various health goals to restore the balance in their body. Through extensive testing she finds what causes the imbalance or symptoms. She then restore this with nutrition and, if needed, supplements. This will help the body go back to the way it wants to work, which gives you more energy and will have you feeling much better.

Sharon Asscher has three bachelor’s degrees, five orthomolecular degrees and a degree as a hormone consultant. She is still eager to learn more, so continues to develop her knowledge in this field. It really is her passion to guide people in making the most of their bodies and health and she  believes that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the way to achieve this.

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