The Netherlands is famous for a lot of things, but one subject that jumps to everyone’s mind are the plethora of bicycles in the small country. With more bicycles than people it's no wonder that the city council is investing a lot of resources in making the city as bicycle-friendly as possible.

If you are not used to riding a bicycle, don't worry! The more quiet streets give you the opportunity to practice your cycling skills and prepare yourself to ride with the locals. 

With over 500km of bike paths in Amsterdam, bike rides in the city by locals add up to two million kilometers, a day! The city offers bike paths on every road and has even begun to experiment with roads that are open to cyclists and automobilists, but where cyclists have preference. 


If you grow tired of the canal views and countless parks Amsterdam counts, you can always explore the outskirts of Amsterdam. Amsterdam-Noord is the northern part of the city, where you can find beautiful parks and open waters that offer breathtaking views. The village Durgerdam is an absolute must-see.

In opposite direction, one can cycle past the Amstel River towards Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. With sunny weather this smaller town offers quaint terraces by the waterside, perfect for a sunny lunch or break. 

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Cycle Space is a creative agency that is promoting the usage of bicycles among the Amsterdam population. They have assigned a bicycle-aficionado to pose as the 'bicycle mayor' of Amsterdam. This person will act as spokesperson for all cyclists while meeting with goverment officials to keep bike-riding among the city's top transporation choices while tackling issues as pollution.